E-busz publikációk

Comparison of the propulsion of electric vehicles for passenger cars and buses in terms of efficiency optimization

István Bendiák;Tamás Sándor

Publication Year: 2021,Page(s):173 – 176

Study of vehicle dynamic properties and gear shifting mechanism of electric vehicles

Attila Fodor;Tamas Sandor

Publication Year: 2021,Page(s):177 – 180

Efficiency optimization of electric buses through transmission control

Soma Koppány Somogyi;Tamás Sándor

Publication Year: 2021,Page(s):181 – 186

The role of traffic effects and environmental effects in optimizing the consumption of an electric bus

Héjja Bertold János;Sándor Tamás

Publication Year: 2021,Page(s):187 – 192