General information for students

Actual information

Information about ending the spring semester and starting the autumn semester in 2023.

Student ID card

Don’t forget to activate your student identification card every semester. Click here to find out more.

Social security card, insurance

You need a social security number (TAJ) to use the healthcare system. Click here to find out more.

Residence permit

Don’t forget to have an active residence permit, especially if you go abroad while being a student here. Click here to find out more.

Registration information

Find out more about registering (first semester) and activating your semester (later semesters).

How to make payments

Payments are made through the Neptun system online for various fees. Click here to find out more.

Criteria for specialisation and final exam

  • To choose specialisation, you have to pass the following subjects: Mathematics I, Mathematics II, Electricity Theory I, Electricity Theory II
  • To get to the final exam, you need to earn 211 credits total (200 from mandatory subjects, 10 from optional subjects). You also need to finish the 6 weeks of professional practice.

Passive semester

You have the opportunity to interrupt your studies.

  • You must ask it in written request. There is a 4000 HUF fee to be paid for this request.
  • The duration of the interruption is 1 or 2 semesters.
  • You can ask for it maximum 4 times.
  • During passive semesters, all your student rights are suspended (scholarship, student ID, residence card etc).
  • Please report to the International Office, as Tempus Foundation may have further regulations that apply.

Discharge from university

You will be discharget from the university (your cannot continue your studies) if

  • in your first 4 semester you earn less than 55 credits total.
  • you fail the same subject 6 times.
  • you miss activating your semester (or requesting passive semester) at registration week.
  • you present a written request to terminate your studies.

Rules of the university