End of semester and start of new semester infos

Information about ending of spring semester 2023

Last day of study period: June 2 Friday

Last day for getting mid-term grade or signature (with paid repeat exam): June 16 Friday

Exam period: June 5 Monday – July 7 Friday

Exam application begins from May 22 (Signature is needed to apply. )

Final exams 2023

Deadline for thesis work upload: May 15

Deadline for registering for final exam (through Neptun):

Final exam time:

Information about starting of autumn semester 2023

Preliminary subject application interval: June 22 13:00 to July 7

Final subject application interval (registration week): September 4 Monday 8:00 – September 7 Thursday 23:59

Interval for applying to a degree thesis topic and consultant (through Neptun): March 20 – June 18

Interval for setting your semester to active status: June 19 – September 8. Don’t forget to do this!

First day of study period: September 11 Monday