Introduction from the dean

The Faculty’s mission

The Kandó Kálmán Faculty of Electrical Engineering at Óbuda University has a proclaimed mission of turning out creative electrical engineers, who are in possession of a firm technical background and specialised practical training, thus are able to design, manufacture, manage and maintain electrical equipment used in various areas of industry and economy.

Training at the Faculty covers the entire spectrum of electrical engineering, from power engineering through computer science and technology, automation and instrument technology to telecommunications.  Conforming to the short-term and long-term demands of the labour market, the Faculty continues to take on new disciplines that are born in the electrical sciences. It also tries to demonstrate flexibility in responding to students’ needs by introducing new forms of education (such as distance learning) and adopting multimedia-supported educational methods.

It is the aim of the Faculty to provide students with a motivating teaching environment, which promotes self-fulfillment as well as the development of independent professional thinking and ethics, while ensuring high standards of professionalism. The Faculty promotes research activity and professional competition, as these encourage the professional development of the academic staff and thereby increase the quality of training. Members of staff are encouraged to continue their professional development by the acquisition of higher academic distinctions. The training of teachers of electrical engineering is also an area which receives special attention, as only well-qualified teachers can ensure a high standard of education at the secondary level.

The Faculty endeavours to establish wide international relations, which enable our students to take courses abroad, participate in internship programmes or obtain a Master’s Degree at a partner institution abroad.

Education and scientific research activity are carried out at the institutes, which are the organizational units of the Faculty. The institutes are each responsible for their own area of study, however they also take part in the teaching activity of other institutes of their own Faculty or of other faculties at Óbuda University.