Degree thesis

Thesis work is a complex, individual work which requires the synthesis of the knowledge gained during the training and its creative application in practice. The preparation of the thesis requires individual work and plagiarism is strickly forbidden.

What are the formal criteria of thesis work?

  • A4 format, page margins: 40 mm (top), 25 mm (bottom and outer sides), 35 mm (on binding side – that’s usually the left side of the document)
  • Line spacing: 1,5 line
  • Page numbers: on the top middle of the page.
  • Font type: a serious looking and readable font, size 12
  • Length of thesis work: min. 40 pages, that contains cc. 60 000 characters of text
  • Document will have to be presented in PDF format for upload to the diploma portal.

Topic and work

Degree thesis needs a topic and a consulting teacher. Teachers will often publish possible topics for a given year, but it is also possible to use your own idea if a teacher accepts it. The consultant is usually a teacher from the department that administers your specialisation, but teachers from other departments at the university can be asked as well, if accepted by your department head. Experts outside of the university can be asked to be external consultants (eg. in case of topic provided by a company), but in that case you still need to have an internal consultant from the university.

You need to select your topic and teacher in the semester before doing the degree thesis subject.

Your consultant will help you not only with the technical work and research, but with ideas on how to structure and write your thesis, and help in correcting errors. Therefore it is important to consult with them regularly. The teacher will only give the signature for the degree thesis subject if you had a sufficient number of consultations, which are noted on a paper form with the date and topic for each occasion (min.4) and the teacher’s signature.


The thesis work has to accepted by the consultant for submission. If you have this permission, then the work has to be uploaded to the portal. There it will be forwarded to the plagiarism detector by your teacher, then to a reviewer (who should have a university degree in a related field). The thesis can not be accepted if the ratio of copied content is too high. Remember to keep verbatim copied content amount low and always indicate by quotation marks and indicate the source.


Interval for selecting your degree topic and consultant if you want to take up degree thesis subject for autumn 2023:

  • 2023. March 20 – June 18

You can apply to a thesis topic through the Neptun system. Before applying, talk to the teacher who posted the topic first.

Usual deadlines for submitting the work (don’t forget to inquire with your department for the actual times):

  • Autumn semester (winter final exam): 15 December
  • Spring semester (summer final exam): 15 May