Budapest, Óbuda
Bécsi út
Budapest, Józsefváros
Tavaszmező utca
Budai út

How to get there…


The Faculty's central building complex is located in the 8th District of Budapest, at 15-17 Tavaszmező utca. There are three main buildings, which contain administrative offices, institutes, lecture halls and several laboratories. Building A and C are at No.17, and Building B is on the other side of the street, at No. l5.

 If you take tram 4 or 6 you should get off at Baross utca stop and after about a 5-minute walk, pass the church in Horváth Mihály tér you can reach the buildings in Tavaszmező utca.

The number 9 bus service runs from Deák tér or Astoria, or you may take the trolleybus number 83 from Fővám tér. From Orczy tér you can take either bus 9 or trolleybus 83. In either case you should get off at Horváth Mihály tér.

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The Faculty’s Óbuda site building is at 96 Bécsi út.  Two institutes with lecture halls are located in this building.

To reach Óbuda, you can take bus number 60 from the Batthyány tér station of the underground Line 2, or from the Buda side of Margit Bridge. You can also take tram no. 17 from the latter. The stop where you should get off is Nagyszombat utca; from there you should walk to building C.


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The building in Székesfehérvár is located at 45 Budai út. You can reach the building by car, driving on the main road from Budapest. The car park is in Hadiárva utca. If you travel by train it is just a short walk to the college from the railway station.


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