International Student Day

We would like to invite you to our first International Student’s day event. The event will be on 24th of May from 5 pm. 

Please see the registration form on the following link:

In case you do not wish to perform, you can still participate in the event.

The registration will be open until 22nd of May, 10 pm.

– If possible, wear a costume representative of your country.

– We would be happy if you could make a presentation (3-4 min) about your home country. If you wish to do it, please mark it on the registration form.

– You are also welcome to make a presentation about strange habits you encountered in Hungary / Budapest (2-3 min).

– If you play any insturments (and you can bring it to the event) and wish to play on the event or wish to sing a folk song from your home country, please also mark it on the registration form.

– We would also be happy if you could prepare any traditional cousine/dessert to this event to share with other international Education students (ask fellow students from your country to help). Please mark it on the registration form, also write if you need any equipment for this (like plates, bowl, fork etc.)

– You can send your photo about your favourite place in your home country or  in Budapest/Óbuda University. You can send it to the until 22nd of May 2023.

Kind regards

International Education Office