Fields of study: Regarding undergraduate training the Institute has two basic tasks: teaching the students specialising in Electronic Devices; as well as offering all students at Józsefváros site some core subjects, e.g. Physics, Technology, Technical Documentation and Electronics. Besides lectures, the Institute offers workshops and computer-aided laboratory sessions. The Institute is also responsible for running the popular Open Learning Centre. This is a library-like laboratory equipped with computers. It aims at providing modern computerized background for teachers and students alike, to solve various tasks, rather than to assist a more specialised field. Students specialising in Electronic Devices may choose from the following modules:

  • Lighting and Environment
  • Sensors and Quality

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Director: Csikósné Dr. Pap Andrea Edit
Institute Secretariat: Budapest VIII. Józsefváros,
Tavaszmező utca 17. Building A, room 306.
Phone: (+36-1) 666-5181 Fax: (+36-1) 666-5199
Administrator: Rita Pásztor Csaplárné
Phone: (+36-1) 666-5190