Institute of Instrumentation and Automation


The main task of the Institute is to offer courses for electrical engineering students specializing in instrumentation and automation. In addition it is also responsible for teaching the students of other institutes at Józsefváros site the subjects Informatics and Measurement. Since the specialization involves two disciplines, the training demands an advanced professional approach in core subjects, such as electronics, automation and informatics. Besides lecturing on these subjects the Institute offers the students extensive lab work. Second-year students can opt for the following modules some of which are unique in the whole country:

  • Electronic testing
  • Supervisory informatics and electronic asset safety systems
  • Automatized production systems
  • Computer-aided process automation

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György Schuster Dr.

Institute Secretariat: Budapest VIII. Józsefváros,
Tavaszmező utca 17. Building A, room 407.
Phone: (+36-1) 666-5161 Fax: (+36-1) 666-5169
Administrator: Istvánné Boda
Phone: (+36-1) 666-5161
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