All students who graduate from the Institute of Automation, regardless of their specialisation, will be able to use computers for solving several tasks related to electrical engineering, such as planning, computing, computer-aided planning and operation. These subjects are the basics of the specialization therefore the curriculum contains extensive training in electronics, automation and applied information technology. Courses in Automation include a wide choice of further orientation for students with special interests. These modules are the following:

  • Automation of buildings and public utilities
  • Intelligent electronic systems
  • Programmable controlling, vehicle electronics
  • Robots and CNC machines, servo drives

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Sándor Semperger Dr.

Institute Secretariat: Budapest III. Óbuda,
Bécsi út 94-96. Building C, room 218.
Phone: (+36-1) 666-5801 Fax: (+36-1) 666-5809
Administrator: Bába Jánosné Sislák Katalin
Phone: (+36-1) 666-5818