Electrical engineers graduated from the Faculty specialized in the field of their studies will be able to solve engineering problems after he from the Faculty and in addition he also informs the workshopsaving acquired theoretical and practical knowledge; and they will be familiar with information technology as well. According to their studies - in the field of (micro)electronics, telecommunication engineering, instrumentation, automation, power engineering - and to their special interests, our students will be able to:

  • design equipment and systems,
  • do measuring, qualifying, controlling tasks in production,
  • take part in installations and in operating the  equipment and systems, and
  • perform service-engineering, product-managing and other activity.

Since September 2005 the Faculty has launched BSc courses for the undergraduates of electrical engineering in the forms of full-time and part-time training, and also distance-learning (since 2006). In the first three semesters (in the first two academic years in the case of part-time training) all students study the same core subjects. After learning these introductory subjects the students may choose their specialization, which can be the following:

• Automation

• Microelectronics and Technology

• Communication Engineering

• Instrumentation and Automation

• Information-technology

• Power Engineering

Within the frame of the specialization, the students have a further option to take courses in a special block of studies, called a module. These are listed with the institutes.he frame of the specialization the students may choose llowing:raining that is full-time

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